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Sharing my thoughts, concerns and speaking about innovation within the marketing industry. An opportunity for others to learn from my knowledge and experience.


London daily post UK: Are Websites still relevant?

An interview with Dr. Yasene Jesernik.In a Social Media dominated era, where companies have discovered the effectiveness of social selling. I ponder the significance of websites. Read more


Tech Culture Magazine: Marketing in an Evolving World

This interview aimed at providing information on how to work in the field of social media marketing and also the role that this marketing field plays and will continue to play in the future. Read more 



My favorite place in the world is where my family is“. An interview about career growth in the marketing industry and how the pandemic has impacted the lives of marketers. Read more

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Creating this blog is one something that I wanted to do since the beginning of my career. Because I always believed that a blog can assist people in learning more about things and is an excellent of explaining complex things by providing a synopsis of the various topic. I hope that my blogs will inform and educate. Have fun reading and if you have a specific topic that you would like me to write a blog on, please send me a message via the contact form.

Dr. Yasene Jesernik

Keyword battle worth the investment

Dr. Yasene Jesernik

Lead generation tools and softwares

Dr. Yasene Jesernik

Generating marketing leads in a social media driven century

Dr. Yasene Jesernik

Why do marketers deliver below expectations

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