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Every action will NOT give you an equal reaction. As such your Branding Will Always "Miss"
until you finally comprehend How Your Customers Perceive
And Portray It.

Dr. Yasene Jesernik

Marketing is not a “must have” for brands or companies. It is “ESSENTIAL”. How you present yourself, your goods and your services, will undoubtedly affect the way your perceived by your customers, potential customers or business partners. Your success is not defined by good products or services and your failure not defined by the market segment in which you are operating. Saturated, over-saturated or niche in which you operate must all be supported by the relevant marketing strategy. With deep industry knowledge, coupled with an analytical and detail-oriented approach, I am equipped to understand the needs of the most discerning markets.  My years of international experience makes me a keen advocate for anyone, proactively seeking someone who can identify failed strategies and position them optimally.  As a social media and brand marketing expert, i have made it my mission to display how effective alignment on all channels is in having success. I strongly believe that a brand is not only what a company shapes it to be BUT what customers accept it and portrays it to be. You must define your brand in a language that your target group understands! 

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About Me

I am a senior marketing specialist, with experience managing global teams and campaigns. I am fueled by my passion for understanding the nuances of online marketing. I consider myself a ‘apprentice,’ eager to learn, share and grow. Not every business can afford a marketing specialist or consultant. Nonetheless, we live in a global era with frequent changes and developments. It has become imperative for even the smallest businesses to update their website, create social media channels, and implement online marketing strategies. If you find yourself in the position listed above and need guidance, please contact me. I provide free consultations and analysis! My broad experience working in various global entities has provided me with invaluable insight on the buyer personas of customers around the world. I am excited at the prospect of working with you to achieve your goals. My experience and knowledge in marketing lies within the areas of strategic and operational marketing. My strengths are:

  • B2C/B2B business and market analysis: strategic and operational business and marketing planning, implementation and control, corporate identity, business case development and analysis.
  • Brand management: brand architecture, positioning, assortment strategy, communication, sensory branding, innovation and employee branding.
  • Digital marketing: online marketing strategies, e-commerce, SEO/SEM, website optimization, community management and development, social media marketing, marketing automation, blogging, online communication, App development are just a few of the topics that have fascinated me over the years.


Maya Angelou stated: “Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage, you can’t practice any other virtue consistently.”  I hope you will have the courage to take the next step and I would be honoured to guide you along that path. Please contact me via E-mail if or the contact form.