postpass act=ul view postpass The true king of content is the “content producer” and the true queen is the “Audience”

The true king of content is the “content producer” and the true queen is the “Audience”

In 1996 Bill gates wrote an essay entitled “content is king”. What many didn’t recognize in 1996, has become undeniable as today, no one can deny the importance of a content producer in the marketing of a company as he is the true king of the content. He is responsible for the production of relevant regular content for companies to attract and retain the relevant audience. Content never gets old; it remains the same in the future. Methods of creating and publishing can change but the content itself remains constant. Content is what drives the internet and supplies the internet with information in the form of blogs, campaigns, webinars, podcasts, newsletters, seminars etc. problem.

Content does not merely include blog posts and articles, it also includes small pieces of articles (usually 100 words long) with images, the long form of articles, visuals including graphs, and tables. It is also comprised of images and videos you use to engage and retain more audience.

Having a good content strategy is considered as the key to business’ digital success. Companies invest lots of time, energy, and money in creating a unique content strategy that can sell their brand. Simply because it is the content that helps companies connect with the audience’s mind. Content assures them a company’s audience that their content is the solution to their problems.

Why do companies need content?

There is nothing that can engage people for multiple minutes other than engaging content. And there isn’t a single type of visitor coming to your site. People visit to extract useful information, for research purposes, or some other purpose. Before publishing anything for your company, you must know the importance of content marketing for your company. It should be very clear from the start that why your company needs relevant content? When you get successful in getting these questions answered, you would understand that content develops the relationship with the audience which eventually benefits your company in the long run.


Today, thanks to smartphones, multitasking and constant surfing, we are bombarded with an average of 10,000 to 13,000 advertising messages every day. It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd. Sustainable storytelling turns customers into brand ambassadors.


Audience and Engagement are the true queens in marketing

So many marketers argue that engagement is the true queen whole others argue that audiences is. The fact is both engagement and audience go hand in hand with content. Content wouldn’t exist without an audience and audiences need to be engaged or companies will loose their interests. Audience is important after the content is created and published. So, without an audience content will do nothing for the company’s reputation. Audiences dont visit a website and stay on it content there is irrelevant and not engaging. Engagement on the content are the citations or social proof that the piece of content is good.  These both have the potential to grow your business online and offline. Engagement without valuable content is a waste of time or spamming. Similarly, what is the use of a piece of content that doesn’t reach your target customers at the right place at the right time? Create a smart content strategy that gives many avenues for engagement.

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