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Troubleshooting Tech marketing: Identifying common mistakes that tech companies make in marketing and providing better methods

Marketing refers to methods companies opt to attract an audience towards a company’s products and services. They aim at bringing new and innovative ideas which can actually affect the audience’s minds. In this era of social media, marketing has become easy due to the easy approach these platforms offer. But still many companies do not get the desired results even after implementing marketing strategies. Here are few common mistakes tech companies make in marketing. Let’s get through them and find their solutions.

  • Ineffective lead generation methods: The lead generation method is not simple as it seems to be. It takes a lot of effort to generate effective leads for your company. Many marketers also lack the data analysis skills, as such they are in capable of optimizing strategies to generate leads.
  • Directionless expenditure: This is the biggest cause of tech marketing failure. As tech companies commence investing in marketing, they often fail to identify the best products, tools for their products and services. Many companies utilize tools that are not tailored to their situation and needs. and social media apps for their products’ promotion without making any effective decision for marketing.
  • Lack of research: Before implementing any marketing strategy, detailed research should be done. The research includes data analysis and finding out the demographics of the targeted community. It is vital to find the correct audience for your products and services as they play a great role in determining the success of your sale strategies. Many tech companies invest without making good research. As such, buyer personas and ICP’s are not researched and defined properly. Thus, strategies are created around partial information and cannot be effective.
  • Failure of customer retention: Companies invest in attracting the attention of their audiences but fail to retain this. This occurs because poor content preparation and implementation. As such, their audience are not engaged effectively they lose interest in the company and eventually leave.
  • Wrong SEO: Without content optimization, SEO strategies will fail. And as a result, ranking will not improve, and your SEO efforts will costly.


Here are few recommendations you can opt for to make your experience better. Let’s go through them!

  • Right optimization of your content: Search engine optimizes your content when you have used the right keywords inside your bogs/articles/images/posts. It lets you connect with the right audience around the globe. If you are interested in doing local SEO, keep a check that it goes right. Also, make your content SEO optimized by using tail keywords. You can definitely go for tools that help you to find the right keywords for your blog.
  • Offer giveaways: Giveaways help companies retain their existing audience by keeping them engaged. People become happy when something is offered free of cost. Tech companies can retain their existing audience by keeping them engage in such interactive activities. If your company does not afford a giveaway, post engaging content on regular basis.

Promote your company across social media: Promotion does not always mean promoting it by paying a heavy amount to other websites or television. It’s about Facebook and Instagram promotion. Because they are economical as well as effective. Around two million from small to medium businesses use Facebook. They use Facebook ads to engage more and more people. Similarly, Instagram has become a great source to spread the word. You can get sponsored by Instagram and it won’t cost you much. Additionally, such ads and promotions are a direct source to your site. They are more likely to be your customers soon.

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