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Why do many marketers deliver below expectations?

Many people/business owners complain that they are not getting the desired results from their marketing colleagues even after strict supervision. Every company needs a successful marketing strategy to promote their products, reach their audience, and attract new customers. Considering all the elements that go into any marketing team’s planning and execution process, it should come as no surprise that there are many reasons why marketing strategies fail.

There can’t be a single marketing strategy to increase the reach and sales at the same time. Similarly, a strategy which doesn’t have a set goal will reap varied and non-measurable results. The main reason why marketers fail is because they develop strategies that aim to fulfill everything at once. Many marketers fail to realize that all marketing strategies, require a call to action, tactics, and results that can be measured. All marketing efforts must be in synergy with the overall strategy of the product and sales department. Contradicting efforts may result in varied brand image and brand positioning in the mind of the customers will result in failure. If your marketing and sales teams don’t work together, it’s difficult to provide a cohesive experience for potential customers. As such, sales team must be able to meet the expectations set by the marketing team.

Many marketers fail simply because they don’t know what they’re working towards. When marketers are limited to only a handful of channels it is common for them to choose one avenue and focus all their energy (and budget) into that specific medium. As such some marketrs mistakenly assess their customers as ONLY than potential sources of revenue rather than viewing them as brand ambassadors.

Many Marketers are not schooled fully on analyzing data. And if they possess such skills, they lack having authority over making strategies to optimize the strategies so that the company can be successfully. and implementing them in their way. Data analysis is the most important part of marketing. Without it, you cannot predict the consumer’s behavior and eventually the upcoming sales of your products or services. Marketers use data to make future strategies accordingly. As it is an era of digital marketing, it has become easy to predict the future recognition of the company. A Marketer with data illiteracy, lacks the resources to properly allocate budgets and analyze campaigns.

Do Budgets help marketers to be successful?

Ideally, the company allocates a good budget for the marketing department. But is that enough for the marketing department to be successful? No, because they also need authority to use them the best way they identify as fit. Marketers are creative, they must design/plan a different and better strategy than their competitors. So, they should be given authority and freedom to do so ethically and socially. It makes no sense to hire qualified employees if a company does not trust them to make the best decisions for the company.


There can be various reasons behind marketing failure. It can be due to data illiteracy, lack of resources, low budget allocation, or no authority. Some main reasons why marketers fail are:

  • They do not know their buyer personas
  • They did not clearly defined value proposition
  • Goals are poorly defined
  • Wrong people working the strategy
  • Multiple Goals that can’t be 100% reachable at the simultaneously
  • Excessive Push Efforts (with no Pull Communication)
  • Poor Research
  • Poor Synergy with other teams
  • Too much bureaucracy
  • Selected market segment
  • Poor Product
  • Unrealistic goals


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